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Explore Imperial Vienna in a luxury convertible

By Ethan Hews

Be enthralled by the experiences that Austria offers. The legendary Habsburgs ruled for seven centuries. During that time they established wealth, magnificent castles and a decadent lifestyle, much of which survives to this day.

Hire a Cabriolet in Austria and relive the Imperial era in a luxurious car.

Fly like the wind in a fun and topless convertible Audi TT Roadster. Function and form blend into one offering total luxury and a stunning drive. Accelerate faster, brake shorter and turn sharper, give it a try! Our exclusive Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren offers a Sport Light Racing touch with long low sleek lines and awesome power. Bask in the luxurious leather and Alcantara upholstery and listen to the engine hum under your hands.

Visit the Hofburg Imperial Palace in the Old City of Vienna and marvel at the splendour and magnificence of the daily life of the noble family. Tour the private apartments and state rooms. Stunning museums and art collections will delight those with an eye for culture. Book dinner at Cantinetta Antinori, a Michelin-starred venue, where succulent braised rabbit is the order of the day.

Convertible vehicle rental in Austria allows you to define your style as you explore the city.

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