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dining in Vienna demands a luxury vehicle

By Scott Jawns

Food lovers will find a range of delights in Austria. From Michelin-starred venues to quaint Tyrolean inns, the fare is varied and exciting. Tempt your taste buds on a gastronomic trip around this amazing country.

Hire a Porsche in Austria for an upper crust and relaxed driving adventure.

For the purist, we offer our Porsche Boxster GTS. It provides a legendary driving sensation with interior luxury, racetrack performance and incredible sportiness. If you prefer a less sporty look, select our Porsche Cayenne Turbo. Five doors, total comfort and driver assistance systems make this a truly pleasurable ride.

Book a table at the exclusive Cantinetta Antinori in Vienna. Impeccable service and outstanding quality food with a focus on Austrian fresh produce will delight.Thomas Wohlfarter at Dom Beisl cuisine will create you a Viennese classic. For a gourmet meal, visit the Hotel Elefant in Salzburg. Stray into the side streets and discover family run inns offering hearty Tyrolean meals. Traditional game is served with seasonal vegetables. Sachertorte, chocolate cake with apricot jam filling and whipped cream, is a must for dessert. End off with a kleiner Schwarzer at a Viennese café.

Make a statement, Porsche rental in Austria is the superior mode of travel.

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