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See the famous statue of our lady of Meritxell

By Brittany Nue

Learn about the spiritual guide of the Andorran people, the statue known as Our Lady of Meritxell. Rent a stunning Lamborghini for the trip.

Seek adventure on your own terms. Rent a Lamborghini in Andorra.

Drive the unforgettable Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 Roadster in Andorra. This open top coupé will delight your senses with its seductive style, awesome power and plush luxurious leather interior. With a unique and purist design, our Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4 offers a sports car experience on a new level. Get set to be noticed!

Our Lady of Meritxell is found in the new Meritxell Chapel, designed in 1976 by Ricardo Bofill. This is a replica of the original which was destroyed when the chapel she was housed in burnt down. Our Lady is the Patron Saint of Andorra and features in many celebrations and special occasions. The original figure dates back to the 12th century and depicts a figure of the Virgin Mary, sitting with her hands out and holding Baby Jesus on her lap. Head off for an night at the luxurious Hotel and Spa Xalet Bringué where you can relax, be pampered and admire the panoramic mountain views.

Cruise around in superb style, Lamborghini rental in Andorra is the perfect choice.

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