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A trip to The Sant Joan de Caselles Church

By Brittany Nue

Visit the beautiful Sant Joan de Caselles Church in Andorra. Rent an exclusive Aston Martin for the trip.

Aston Martin Andorra rental offers a dream car for those who don't just dream, they endeavour to make it happen.

Rent our Aston Martin Rapide S. This four-door sports car embodies all that Aston Martin stands for in a magnificent drive. Feel the elegance in its lines, the class in the interior and the raw power of the engine. For those who aspire to the unusual and different, our Aston Martin Vanquish Carbon Edition is dark and brooding, this is the ultimate grand tourer in a distinguishing monochrome special edition.

Historians will delight in this jewel of Andorran Romanesque architecture from the 11th century. The design features a wooden roof rectangular nave, a semi-circular apse and a Lombardian style bell tower. See the mural scene painting representing the crucifixion and the altarpiece which depicts the life and martyrdom of Saint John. For something different, a fun museum is located near to the Church, called the Two Wheel Museum, it shows the history of the motorcycle from the beginning of the 20th century.

Join the elite set who travel the world in style, hire an Aston Martin in Andorra.

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