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Drive to the beautiful madriu valley

By Nicole Harris

Rent a Ferrari and take a drive to the beautiful Madriu Valley. It is the spiritual heart of Andorra and a Unesco World Heritage Site.

Plan a fabulous self-drive holiday, rent a Ferrari in Andorra and experience this unique and enchanting tiny independent country.

Our fabulous, fantastic Ferrari FF, with patented four-wheel drive system and four generous comfortable seats, offers a delightfully stylish way to get around Andorra. If you aspire to a vehicle that is totally exclusive, drive our Ferrari 458 Speciale A. This limited edition vehicle has collected an array of international motoring media awards and will launch you into a new league of driving experiences.

Park your Ferrari where all can admire it and explore this glacial valley on foot. This isolated valley is surrounded by stunning mountain ridges on three sides and is a haven for rare wildlife. See ancient shepherds cabins and marvel at the remains of an iron ore smelting forge. Visit the small settlements of Entremesaigües and Ramio with only 12 houses constructed from local granite. Head back for a hearty mountain meal at Borda Estevet. Order graellada de muntanya, a selection of sausages and meats sizzled on hot slate.

Add a super stylish ambiance to your vacation, hire a Ferrari in Andorra.

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