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Stroll around the capital andorra la vella

By Scott Jawns

Andorra la Vella is the capital of the region. Take some time to explore this delightful city.

Indulge your fantasies of driving an exclusive car. Sports car rental in Andorra will give you the opportunity you are waiting for.

A car that changed the concept of sports cars must be experienced first hand. Our Ferrari FF, as in Four wheel drive and Four comfortable seats offers a driving experience that will never be forgotten. Alternatively, slip behind the wheel of our Maserati GranCabrio Sport. Carrying a rich tradition of open top sports cars from this iconic manufacturer, the aggressive power and sophisticated comfort will thrill your senses.

This quaint town offers a trendy new section with fabulous shops and an historic older section with interesting architecture and beautiful churches. Visit the Church of Sant Esteve which dates from the 12th century. See the Bridge of la Margineda, preserved from medieval times and still in perfect condition. Do some shopping at the famous Pyrenees Department Store, it offers everything from fashion to food. Then relax in the Town Square, it is a quiet peaceful venue with a panoramic view of the Valley of Andorra.

Be seen and be noticed. Hire a sports car in Andorra for the ultimate show-off factor.

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