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A bottle of wine, a story to tell

By Scott Jawns

Every empty bottle of wine is filled with stories. Start filling your story aboard an Aston Martin in Bordeaux. Built on a bend of the river Garonne, Bordeaux is the wine capital of the world, offering a stunning scenery of small villages, châteaux and vineyards.

Food and wine are a huge part of life in France and the area of Bordeaux is no exception. While you find yourself in one of the premier wine regions of France, take advantage of its culinary bounty by driving the 4 seats, 4 door Aston Martin Rapide, the most expensive and exclusive luxury sports car on the market, on a full-day wine and food tour.

Cruise down the Route des Châteaux on your Aston Martin DB9 Volante, a 2-door convertible with amazing power, sophisticated controls and great looks and discover the magic of this wine producing region as you walk between rows of vines, cross words with cellarmasters active in the vineyards, taste some ripened varieties of grapes, and of course, sip some of the world’s finest wines.

What is wine if not the best companion for exceptional cuisine? For an outstanding gastronomic event of creative cuisine that deftly combines traditional flavours with international accents, visit Le Pavillon des Boulevards for lunch. Sit in the outdoor garden, with its magnolia trees and fine breeze, and savor the chef’s lobster tail atop vanilla-infused potatoes, or red bean soup with green apple, all perfectly paired with samples from the 6,000-bottle cellar.

Hire an Aston Martin in Bordeaux and let your taste buds race wild through the magnificent southwest of France.

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