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Bordeaux, a gourmet city

By Scott Jawns

Visiting France means paying tribute to chefs and food of the highest quality and sampling unique flavours from their region. Bordeaux is the perfect destination for a taste adventure.

Do something you have never done before! Rent an exotic car in Bordeaux and be prepared to dazzle your senses.

Head for La Tupina in a stunning Audi R8 Spyder. Cutting edge design and an engine that makes your heart race is sure to attract attention when you park outside La Tupina. Meaning 'Kettle' in the local Basque, it is a cosy venue run by the legendary Jean-Pierre Xiradakis, who has been the driving force since 1968. Thrill your taste buds with French fare, try egg cassolette or tripe and goose wings.

For those who demand to be noticed, drive our Lamborghini Aventador. Flashy in bold red, with iconic scissor doors, this mid-engined sports car offers an experience like no other. Set off to La Boîte à Huîtres for a feast of Arcachon oysters. Pair them with traditional sausage and wash down with some vintage Château Cheval Blanc. They will even pack some for you to enjoy on a romantic sunset picnic!

For a less formal and vibey atmosphere, head for the Marché des Capucins, a vibrant street market bursting with local cheeses, fruits, breads and wine. Stroll around, sample the delicious offerings and then relax over a glass of Champagne and chat to the locals.

Hire an exotic car in Bordeaux, we have a collection of the world's most seductive cars for your pleasure.

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