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A sea of red wine

By Ethan Hews

If there is a place in the world in which wine is an acceptable drink for breakfast, lunch and dinner, that would be Bordeaux. Hire a luxury car in Bordeaux and enjoy the region’s culinary bounty so typical of France, the overflow of red wine, its beautiful scenery encompassing villages and vineyards, and its impressive art and history.

Let your every sense indulge as you drive the spacious 4 door Bentley Arnage down the Route des Châteaux for a full-day wine and food tour. Hire the four-seat four-door high performance Aston Martin Rapide and watch your perfect reflection as you walk barefoot in the riverside water mirror opposite the impressive Place de la Bourse.

Visit the massive storage rooms of Millesima, the Fort Knox of wine, where you can purchase a bottle from one of the 250 Grands Crus categories and have it stored at the perfect room temperature until you instruct them to ship it to you for that very special occasion deserving of the finest wine. Millesima stores close to £100 million worth of wine in 2.5 million bottles. But being in Bordeaux, even the cheapest wine is a good wine, so drive your Ferrari F12 Berlinetta to the endless miles of beach on the nearby Atlantic coast or next to the quiet waters of an inland lake for a picnic with a £2 supermarket bottle of wine.

Hire a luxury car in Bordeaux and allow yourself to enjoy the pleasures of life.

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