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Chambery, the source of serenity

By Nicole Harris

From Chambery Airport rent a luxurious Ferrari to discover the medieval old towns nestled into this mountain side of the Alps. The hidden courtyards, cafe rimmed plazas and the townhouses dressed in tall coloured shutters, it’s a lovely place to lose yourself for hours on end.

Hire the Ferrari 458 Italia, beautiful and prestigious she is the product of Formula 1 based technologies redefined for the urban road. The perfect contrast of historic and modern coast the Ferrari 458 along the charming streets of rue du Sénat de Savoie, the cobblestone rue Juiverie and the gallery-dotted rue de la Métropole. For a romantic moment that will leave any heart open and tender.

In the Ferrari F430 rental travel the handsome stretch of road through St Léger, crawling along a promenade that will lead you to the arcade of rue de Boigne. Make sure to pull over and let the pause linger in the air as you take in the inspiring panoramic views of Chambery and her outlying districts. Breathtaking in ways that only your soul could imagine. Once aboard the Ferrari FF rental visit the old aristocratic homes on rue de la Croix d’Or. Stay at the Hôtel du Châteauneuf, from the street you can see through the intricate wrought iron gate and past the rose courtyard for all the enticement necessary to know this place is well worth a stay.

Rent a Ferrari from Chambery Airport the home of beauty, the source of serenity.

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