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Visit Annecy, a fairytale city

By Ethan Hews

Depart from Chambery Airport in style and elegance in a Luxury rental Minivan. Our professional Meet and Greet Service will arrange every last detail for you. Travel to Annecy for a fabulous day trip of discovery, it is just short of an hour's drive through breath-taking mountain scenery.

This lovely medieval town has a centre built around a 14th century Chateau and is criss-crossed by small canals and streams running out of the beautiful Lac Annecy.

When you arrive, your first stop should be the magnificent Château d’Annecy which cannot be missed as it rises dramatically above the Old Town. This 13th century castle was home to the Counts of Geneva and offers a fabulous exhibition ranging from medieval sculpture and Savoyard furniture to Alpine landscape paintings. See the Palais d'Isle, a former palace turned into a prison, located on an island between the canals.

Stroll around the Vieille Ville. You will be enthralled by the jumble of narrow medieval streets, crystal clear canals and picture-perfect scenes around every corner. No wonder this is called the Venice of the Alps!

Then head for the Lakefront area and see the flowery Jardins de l’Europe and a popular picnic spot next to the Pont des Amours, Lovers’ Bridge.

End your day the glorious Chalet la Pricaz. This fairy-tale restaurant is perched above Lake Annecy and offers stunning sunset views. Only locally sourced organic ingredients are used. Try the tasty tartiflettes, made from Reblochon cheese, potatoes, crème fraîche, diced bacon and onions. Accompany it with a vintage Savoyard wine.

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