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The adventure begins in a 4x4

By Scott Jawns

Under the warm Mediterranean sun of southern France discover the three dimensional artist’s canvas that is the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur. Historically this picturesque site with its deep green valleys and high rising green and brown mountain plateaus has been the inspiration of many previous artists, poets and philosophers by the likes of Marc Chagall, Henri Matisse and Friedrich Nietzsche. Rent a 4x4 SUV from Nice to discover the land that merges with your imagination.

Range Rover, a Blend of Power and Luxury

The Range Rover Sport is the joining of luxury with powerful 4x4 capability. No celebrities car fleet is complete without the Range Rover Sport SUV within the pack. For those who care about utmost comfort, we recommend to hire the Range Rover Autobiography that provide executive comfort to the rear-seat passengers. 

Drive your rented Range Rover Sport along Les Trois Corniches that traces the east coast of Nice along the Mediterranean bay.

The road trails the steep fall of the mountain starting with the Grand Corniche on the mountain’s hilltop, leading into the Moyenne Corniche that takes on the breadth of the slope and finally melding into the low lying coastal plain of the Corniche Inférieure.

Get to the Gorges du Verdon with a G63 AMG

The Mercedes G63 AMG is a powerful 4x4 SUV with muscular looks and immense presence on the road. Yet, despite is robust style, the G63 AMG provides incredible agility and comfort thanks to its redesigned chassis. Among our Mercedes SUVs, we also have available for rent the Mercedes GLE, a 5 seater luxury SUV with a host of driving aids, ideal for those looking for comfort, space, quiet and praticality. 

Alternatively, in the Porsche Cayenne rental, you are driving a powerful off road vehicle that is equally impressive on roads, with its sleek, slightly aggressive looks and dynamic tight handling. Our preference may be with the G63 AMG or an Audi Q7 Hire to get to Gorges du Verdon.

On both the north and south sides, there are two roads that provide sensational views of Europe’s largest canyon and the wooded gorges that were once the bed of a tropical sea. Dine at Le Café de la Fontaine that serves bistro-type dishes such as rabbit niçoise.

With a Luxury SUV rental from Nice, the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur is awaiting to be discovered.


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