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CONQUERing Normandy in 4X4

By Nicole Harris

The luxury SUV rental in Paris is perfect for an adventure that takes you both on and off roads. Our selection of 4x4s are both incredibly sassy and elegant, whilst also holding up to standards of high performance vehicles that possess enormous strength and great handling.

The Versatile Jeep Wrangler

The Jeep Wrangler rental is an incredibly strong and robust 4x4, with all the personality to boot. The Wrangler, is Jeep’s flagship SUV for many good reasons; it possesses the classic Jeep design and off road capabilities, amidst other specialised features (removable doors, fold down windshield and more). Available in both a soft top and a hard top option in the Sahara model.

BMW X-Series Models

The BMW X5, exudes attitude and is an achievement of engineering design. Possessing iconoclast looks and an improved four-wheel drive system - the xDrive. It is a pinnacle of engineering success, even for the prestigious team at BMW. Despite its mid-size the BMW X5 is spacious and offers 7 seats, perfect for taking all your good friends with you on your outdoor adventure. Rent a classic Wrangler Jeep or the BMW X5 and free yourself touring off road through the country roads leading to the historic township of Normandy.

Drive a Range Rover Sport

Hire the Range Rover Sport, formidable in its unique capabilities. An enhanced 8-speed transmission with sharper, faster gear shifts causing a more immediate connection to the vehicle.The Anti-Roll Control has been tuned for faster, flatter cornering and its Electric Power-Assisted Steering system gives a more engaged feeling whilst speeding.The 16-way Sports Powered Seats – with memory, are crafted in the softest Oxford Perforated Leather. The Range Rover Sport, is also conspicuous for its deep growl, the switchable Active Sports Exhaust system features two-stage electronically controlled valves that delivers a distinctive throaty roar.

As Normandy is the site of the D-Day invasion by the Allied forces in World War 2, re-live the sense of conquering new grounds from your 4 x 4 Paris hire. 

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