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Nice la Belle

By Scott Jawns

Historically the old city of Nice had always been known as ‘Nice la Belle’, meaning ‘Nice the Beautiful’. This appellation later became the title of the unofficial anthem of Nice, written by Menica Rondelly in 1912. True to its name, it still is one of the most beautiful cities of the world sitting on the French banks of the Mediterranean sea. Rent a luxury car in Nice to delve into the depths of this attractive city.

In the confines of a luxury car in Nice, the French Riviera welcomes you to explore the heights of the luxury lifestyle that is to be discovered here. Wander through the ornate interior of a grand château, sip the perfectly aromatic glass of red wine and discover the taste of serenity at a Michelin star restaurant. The many luxuries of Nice, invite you to indulge in all they have to offer.

The Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano is a true Ferrari classic, representing the perfect epitomization of the Ferrari marque; fast, furious and fabulous. For a more aristocratic mood, hire the Bentley Arnage it possesses a regal composure that maintains a prestigious presence wherever it travels. Have either of these luxury cars delivered to you at Nice Côte d'Azur Airport (NCE) or make the most of our elite ‘meet and greet’ service and have your luxury car rental delivered to you anywhere within this beautiful city. For example stay at the luxurious Le Mas de Pierre to enjoy its lovely manicured grounds, after breakfast have the Bentley Arnage delivered to you and heads towards the city’s center, walk through the open promenades of Monument aux morts, the sea port or the Jardin botanique de la Ville de Nice, each offering an environment that relaxes the mind and body, an oasis of calm.

For a moment to always remember hire the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti and in this impressive 2-door 4-seater drive a high performance Grand Tourer along the coast of the sunshine filled French Riviera. In Nice a splendid way to fill an afternoon is with a spin over the to Cours Saleya Flower Market to wander through the aromatic bundles of flora, picking up a fresh bouquet for yourself while you are there.

Rent the Range Rover Autobiography, within the confines of its executive appearance it offers an exceptionally comfortable drive as it capably powers over any terrain. From the city of Nice, power the Range Rover towards Apt a historic township in the Luberon region, over recent years it has been nicknamed ‘Le Colorado Provençal’ as the earth is imbued with with brilliant red and ochre colours, more familiar to those who have crossed the American southeast. Make sure your stay coincides on a Saturday, market day in the town of Apt. The fresh and ripe local produce is out on display, tantalising your senses.

Spin the wheels of the Porsche Boxster Spyder in a drive to the Matisse Museum where you have the singular opportunity to admire the enormous collection of works by Henri Matisse, the 20th century's premier fauvist and impressionist. Yet if that is not enough to steal away your sense of wonder, a drive in the Lamborghini Aventador to visit the Théâtre de la Photographie et de l’Image is more than guaranteed to do the trick. Rent a luxury car in Nice to unravel the beauty set within the the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region.

Luxury Cars Nice Rental

Nice is situated on the French Riviera and makes a great holiday location any time of year. Make a car booking for a week and with the option to turn it into a monthly car hire, take all the time necessary to get used to the luxury lifestyle that’s all the vogue on the French Riviera. Take out the Porsche 911 Carrera 4S Cabriolet for a spin in a wildly adventurous car, whose energy is not easily restrained. Yet for that car rental to tell the grandkids about, hire the BMW i8, a pure electric car that is on track to revolutionise.

Luxury Car Rental in Nice, France

Mercedes CLA

Rent Mercedes CLA in Nice

The dynamic Mercedes CLA features a sporty design with interior innovations. Hire this seductive 4 door coupe for a perfect ride

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Rolls-Royce Phantom

Limited AvailabilityRent Rolls-Royce Phantom in Nice

Rolls-Royce Phantom rentals are extremely popular as wedding cars, making unequivocal impressions wherever you choose to rent one

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BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe

Rent BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe in Nice

For top performance, luxury and style, rent the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe and drive a world-class grand touring 2-door Coupé

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Audi A8

Rent Audi A8 in Nice

Experience the prestige, power and comfort of a luxury all-wheel-drive saloon when you rent an Audi A8

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Maserati Ghibli

Rent Maserati Ghibli in Nice

As the first diesel powered car Maserati ever produced, the Ghibli rental has a dynamic profile to match its innovative technology

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Audi Q5

Rent Audi Q5 in Nice

Rent an Audi Q5 premium crossover SUV and enjoy the benefits of luxury travel in a powerful five-seat 4x4

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Range Rover Evoque

Rent Range Rover Evoque in Nice

Rent a Range Rover Evoque - an ideal luxury crossover 4x4 SUV for urban and off-road driving

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Lexus RC F

New ArrivalRent Lexus RC F in Nice

The fastest and most dominant sedan ever built by Lexus, The RC F is a perfect blend of capability and comfort

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Mercedes SL Roadster

Rent Mercedes SL Roadster in Nice

Full of style and power, the Mercedes SL Roadster rental will turn heads while you drive this open sports car

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BMW M4 Cabrio

Rent BMW M4 Cabrio in Nice

Go the distance that no-one you know has ever gone before by hiring the eyebrow raising BMW M4 Cabrio

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Porsche Macan

Rent Porsche Macan in Nice

Experience the thrill of off-road driving in the comfort of a premium luxury compact SUV when you rent a Porsche Macan

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Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

Rent Jeep Wrangler Unlimited in Nice

Drive a rugged, robust and refined luxury 4x4 SUV with a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited rental

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Zonda Revolucion

Rent Zonda Revolucion in Nice

The Zonda Revolucion is a supercar with cutting edge technology and a graceful design

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Ferrari 488 Spider

New ArrivalRent Ferrari 488 Spider in Nice

Hire an awesome open-top Ferrari 488 Spider for an incredible high-performance V8 supercar

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Jeep Patriot

Rent Jeep Patriot in Nice

Hire a Jeep Patriot for a stylish and capable luxury crossover 4x4 SUV

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McLaren P1

Rent McLaren P1 in Nice

Hire the sold out limited edition of McLaren P1 for the perfect driving experience

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Audi S5 Cabriolet

Rent Audi S5 Cabriolet in Nice

Hire the latest Audi S5 Cabriolet, combining style, sportiness and advanced technology in an iconic Audi design

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Audi TT Roadster

Rent Audi TT Roadster in Nice

The new TT Roadster is the same Audi with a more horsepower, which means more speed and enjoyment when you rent one

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Rent BMW X5 in Nice

Rent a BMW X5 to enjoy a powerful SUV with high off-road abilities

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Mercedes-Benz V-Class

Rent Mercedes-Benz V-Class in Nice

Elegant, spacious and comfortable, the Mercedes Benz V Class is the newest and largest passenger car family

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Mini Countryman

Special Offers AvailableRent Mini Countryman in Nice

rent a super Mini Countryman for your next off-road family experience. It is a fun SUV, quirky, light and nimble!

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Land Rover Discovery Sport

Rent Land Rover Discovery Sport in Nice

The Land Rover Discovery Sport rental has many intriguing features that make it worthwhile getting to know

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McLaren 540C

New ArrivalRent McLaren 540C in Nice

Enviably fast and dynamic, hire the McLaren 540C as it delivers supercar punch for your next big thrill

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Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

Rent Ferrari F12 Berlinetta in Nice

A rare chance to drive the new fast and powerful Ferrari F12 Berlinetta supercar – hire yours today

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Audi Q3

Rent Audi Q3 in Nice

Small and mighty, what the Audi Q3 rental lacks in size proportions, it more than makes up for in zest

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Porsche 911 Carrera S Cabrio

Rent Porsche 911 Carrera S Cabrio in Nice

When hiring a Porsche 911 Carrera S Cabriolet, you get a supercar, sports car and luxury cabrio all fused into one

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Porsche Cayenne Turbo

Rent Porsche Cayenne Turbo in Nice

Experience an incredibly capable off-road 4x4 with the agility of a luxury sports car when hiring a Porsche Cayenne Turbo SUV

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Ferrari 488 GTB

Rent Ferrari 488 GTB in Nice

Comprised of 3902 cc and a V8 turbo engine, relentless power now comes in the form of the Ferrari 488 GTB

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Volkswagen Caravelle

Rent Volkswagen Caravelle in Nice

Drive up to six passengers and their luggage comfortably, safely and in superior style aboard the Volkswagen Caravelle

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Mercedes GT

Limited AvailabilityRent Mercedes GT in Nice

The entertainment features of the Mercedes GT rental are clever and easy to operate

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Ferrari 612 Scaglietti

Rent Ferrari 612 Scaglietti in Nice

Hire a 2-door 4-seater Ferrari 612 Scaglietti to drive an impressive high performance Grand Tourer

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