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Bentley Hire at Paris Orly Airport

By Scott Jawns

Paris, the city of love. Certainly a city you’d want to visit with a significant other and for a truly memorable and remarkable experience, then hire a Bentley at Paris Orly Airport to see it in style.

Visit the Musee d’Orsay, which houses the biggest collection of masterpieces from the Impressionist era, and even enjoy a spot of lunch while you’re there in a magnificent restaurant that was originally part of the train station that was converted into this stunning museum.

Enjoy a stroll through the Luxembourg Gardens, have lunch at Bistrot Paul Bert, or sip on cocktails at Le Maurice. And, of course, you can’t miss the Marais, which is the best shopping district in Paris that also features a stunning selection of private mansions, exquisite museums, amazing restaurants and cafes and the city’s famed old Jewish quarter.

With so much to do and see, renting a Bentley at Paris Orly Airport is essential. Whether you prefer the Bentley Continental GT Convertible with its elegant lines and charm that will allow you to take in that fresh Parisian air, or you prefer the more uncompromising yet focused Continental GT3-R, you can find the Bentley of your dreams in Paris.

Paris features a wide range of traditional and boutique luxury hotels, including the Relais Christine, the Hotel Fouquet's Barrière, the Hotel du Louvre and La Tremoille. Choose any of these luscious hotels in Paris and roll up in style in your posh Bentley rental for a truly remarkable experience.

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