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By Ethan Hews

The Bentley hire in Paris is a category in and of itself, heralding from a world that only knows prestige and luxury, it is an experience that must be had, to say that one has lived.

Drive a Bentley Mulsanne

More than a simple pairing of luxury and power the Mulsanne convertible rental has a fearsome acceleration that is not felt as a sudden blast forward, but as a smooth surge of seemingly limitless power. Comprised of a V8 engine which is barely perceptible whilst the car is cruising, it becomes an all-out roar on acceleration when the throttle is wide open, giving it the capability to race to 296km/h.

Cruising along the Champs-Elysees

The Bentley Continental GT hire is driven by 552 horsepower, yet the large proportions of the Continental GT executive is defied by its graceful glide. Sweeping yet sharp, it speaks of power and refinement, it is designed for those with the drive to change the world. As the car of 007, major decisions are made within the backseat of the Continental GT coupe and from the driver’s seat, it is the catalyst that makes them happen.

Cruise your Paris Bentley Mulsanne coupe rental along the Avenue de Champs Elysees, the beautiful and historic boulevard, then turn off into the Four Seasons George V Hotel. A stay in this remarkable hotel will make you feel that you are indeed the most prestigious person in all the world. The staff are highly hospitable and do all they can to make you feel truly comfortable, the rooms are large and the fittings are chosen with all the exquisite taste that you could expect from within Paris.

A Bentley Paris hire, is available for as long as the heart does so desire.

Frequent Questions

Where can I rent a Bentley in Paris?

Our exclusive Car Rental Bentley Paris Service makes it exceptionally easy to rent the Bentley you want. We will deliver the car to any location in Paris that you choose. Arrange to have your car delivered to the airport when you arrive, or, if you prefer to use the concierge transport to travel to your luxury hotel, we will arrange to meet you there. If you are attending a business convention we can deliver the car to the venue when you are done and you can relax and spend a few days exploring the City with your colleagues.

What is the daily cost to rent a Bentley in Paris?

Costs vary depending on the model and whether you are renting in or out of peak tourist seasons.

If you are planning on arriving in style at a grand occasion, we recommend the flagship car of the Bentley range, the Mulsanne. It is the world’s finest handcrafted car, offering an exclusive combination of performance and luxury. The daily cost is around 1600 Euros.

For a sophisticated drive with the family, we suggest the elegant and superbly crafted Bentley Flying Spur at a cost of around 1000 Euros per day. This magnificent 4-door offers a refined, unforgettable drive.

Our cheapest models are the fabulous grand tourer Bentley Continental GT which costs around 825 Euros per day and the Bentley Continental GTC at a daily cost of more or less 850 Euros per day.

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