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Bentley: a testament to grandeur

By Nicole Harris

Regal, grand and aristocratic, rent a Bentley from Toulouse Airport (TLS) to uncover the prestigious history of the Midi-Pyrénées region. Toulouse is a city with many stories that beg to be heard, hear them all out and discover each one from the back seat of your elite Bentley rental.

The Bentley Mulsanne has a regal nature embedded into its handcrafted design lines. Elegant whilst coasting and lethal with its V8 engine at full speed. Hire the Mulsanne for all the requisite suave as you drive into the grounds of the University of Toulouse. A building of grand history and proportions. It was first established in 1229 at a time when Europeans were first motivated to translate the writing of the Arabic Andalus and Greek philosophies, in the underlying aspiration to reconcile these contrary philosophies with their own Christian theology.

Calm the spirit or stir the soul in the Continental GT V8, no mild mannered creature of the black road, it is powered by a 4 litre V8 engine, it offers an engaging drive. Also available in the open top, is the Continental GT V8 convertible for the additional spell of adventure. Caution can be thrown to the wind, left to float across the hill tops. Travel through the maze of road to reach the Toulouse cathedral, constructed in the 10th century, it stands today as an awe inspiring testament to the ages.

Hire a Bentley from Toulouse Airport, with chauffeur drive or our exclusive meet and greet service, it is an occasion to celebrate the height of European culture.

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