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A Luxury Cruise out of Paris-Orly Airport

By Brittany Nue

With the City of Lights only a 40-minute drive north on the A106, renting a prestige car from Paris Orly Airport is the best choice for beginning your French fling in proper style. Also, our meet and greet service will ensure that you get behind the wheel and on your way to a Parisian adventure as soon as possible.

Paris is one of the most storied and picturesque cities in the world, which means that a spectacular Ferrari California, with more unforgettable curves than the Seine, will fit into that couture capital of Europe. You’ll be turning heads from the Champs-Élysées to Notre Dame, and admittedly, standing out in one of the fashion meccas of the West is a whole lot of fun.

If you need a bit more space for your trip to that Parisian paradise, the spacious Mercedes ML-Class is another ideal option – small enough for the winding streets of France’s capital, but big enough to comfortably seat five people as you drink in the sights of this cosmopolitan gem.

Executive car rentals from Paris Orly Airport are an exceptional way to maintain the luxurious lifestyle that you’re used to. In the delightfully decadent city of Paris, embracing a higher level of living is always de rigueur.

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