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Frankfurt and its futuristic skyline

By Ethan Hews

Experience the breathtaking skyscrapers of Frankfurt, this city is a world leader in commerce, culture, education and tourism.

Take a slow three hour drive and enjoy the stunning scenery of Germany on the road from Dusseldorf to Frankfurt. As you approach the city, you will be awed at the magnificent skyscraper cityscape. Look out for the famous Commerzbank Tower, the MesseTurm, the Westend Tower and the Taunus Turm.

Get a fill of history at Saint Catherine’s Church, a large Evangelical church located in the centre of the city. Then visit Saint Paul’s Church established in 1789 as a Protestant church.

Continue your journey towards Eiserner Steg, the Iron Bridge built in 1869, it is Frankfurt’s most well-known pedestrian bridge. Once you have crossed this you will reach Sachsenhausen, a district known for historic pubs and museums.

See the postal museum, the Museum Für Kommunikation, which explains the history of communication and postal services. Try out their old telegraphs, fax machines and phones for fun.

Get a bird's eye view from the top of the Henninger Turm, a huge silo tower. Then spend some time relaxing the lovely Palmengarten before hitting the Zeil for some serious retail therapy. Book lovers must not miss the Frankfurt Book Fair, the largest event of the world's publishing industry, held yearly in mid-October.

Dinner must be a world famous Frankfurter Wurstchen, a tasty sausage served with mustard and a Broetchen, roll or with Sauerkraut. If you prefer something weird, try Taste Of Darkness and experience expensive eating in the dark without being able to see a thing!

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