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Pristine beaches on a brilliant coastline

By Scott Jawns

With miles of golden sand and warm ocean, big waves, beautiful rocks and secluded coves, there is a beach experience for everyone in Algarve.

Are your hands tingling to hold the wheel of an exclusive car? Sports car rental in Algarve has a fabulous selection to satisfy your need.

Look picture-perfect in a flashy Ferrari 458 Speciale with its definitive stripe down the middle. The aerodynamic styling, low, sleek lines and unbridled engine power are waiting to be experienced. Alternatively, rent our magnificent Porsche 911 GT3 for the pure thrill of it. Absolute top performance, pioneering technology and timeless elegance is certain to delight. For an awe-inspiring drive in Algarve, nothing beats an attention-grabbing sports car.

Soak in the sun at the popular Meia Praia beach. Cosy restaurants and beautiful villas line the beach. Take a relaxing walk on the beach after a traditional lunch. Surf’s up at Praia do Amado, the water is a bit colder, but the constant waves make up for it. Explore the secluded coves at Praia tres Irmãos and have a private picnic on this sheltered beach. Bring out the camera and take awesome photos at Praia da Marinha, with the famous 'Golden Beach' award. The towering cliffs, clear water and stunning setting makes this the most filmed beach for television advertising.

For the ultimate this-is-me factor, hire a sports car in Algarve.

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