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Road Trip Adventure

By Nicole Harris

Planning a fun holiday in Alicante province? Alicante is a well-known city for its wide, palm-lined boulevards, its shopping centers and mainly for its stunning beaches. While in Alicante, make the most of your stay by renting one of our exotic cars to enjoy a rare drive along the Costa Blanca.

We carry a wide choice of exotic cars from the best car brands, from a classy Audi, Ferrari, Porsche to a rare McLaren or Lamborghini. Our professional Meet and Greet Service are well versed in dealing with the most critical clients, allow us to accommodate your needs.

A Dream-Drive in Alicante

If Porsche thrills you, hire the iconic Porsche 911 Carrera S Cabriolet, this sporty two-seater convertible ideally suited for a summer drive under the sun. Absolute top performance, pioneering technology and the timeless elegance of this elite car is certain to delight. Aboard a stylish drop-top 911 rental, cruise the city center in regular mode and test its real power on the road while putting the pedal to the metal.

For Ferrari fans, we highly recommend the rental of a Ferrari Portofino, a 4 seater cabriolet or the high-performance, 2 seat Ferrari 488 Spider. Enjoy a thrilling drive aboard a Ferrari 488 Spider rental from Alicante to Benidorm to get a first impression on its potential and drive on to Denia. Step of the car and visit the Denia Castle, a fortress that was built by the Arabs in the 11th century.

Least but certainly not last, drive a stunning Lamborghini Huracan, a two-seater supercar that offers a commanding performance. Relish in the roaring sound of the V10 engine that sends incredible power to all the four wheels. For added performance and faster accelerations, you may also consider the rental of a Lamborghini Huracan Performante. Extreme performance, advanced and innovative technical solutions will enthral the driver.

A Day-Trip Excursion

Park your rented Ferrari 488 at the Port and sail to Tabarca island, it makes a perfect day out. As much as you love driving, getting to Tabarca Island is by boat only!

Tabarca is 22 km away from Alicante and can be reached by ferry or boat. Enjoy a short sailing trip into the protected Marine Reserve.This tiny island is home to only a handful of permanent residents and has hardly any cars, no shops, no skyscrapers and offers a day of total tranquillity.

The island was a hide-away for Berber pirates who used it as base to set sail and attack the coastline. In the 18th century, Spanish King Carlos III built fortifications on the island and these walls can still be seen.

Stroll around and see the Governor's House and the Iglesia de San Pedro y San Pablo, a beautiful church dating from the beginning of the settlement in the 18th century. Marine lovers will delight in the Lighthouse, a lovely neoclassical building that now hosts a marine laboratory. The Museum of Tabarca is located in the old tunny fishery storage building and you must climb the Torre de San José, a defensive tower located outside of the walled town. Do some snorkelling on the beach where you will discover a fabulous array of colourful marine life in the rocky coves.

At the end of the day, hop behind the wheel of your Ferrari rental and enjoy a well-deserved ride around Alicante. 

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