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Let your soul soar

By Scott Jawns

Drive to the top of Mount Benacantil in a BMW rental from Alicante Airport (ALC) to let your soul soar. Situated 166 meters above sea level, the ride up the steep mountain dominating Alicante is an athletic stretch, which by its end is very invigorating. Yet the real reward is the Medieval fortress still standing on its pinnacle. Built by the ancient Muslim moors in the 9th century, it is one of the largest in Spain and truly spectacular to wonder through.

Drive a BMW 4 Series

Enjoy an outstanding drive aboard a BMW 4 Series, a two-door four seater coupe with excellent driving dynamics, a well-trimmed interior with first class infotainment. The BMW 4 Series is a very pratical coupe with enough space for four adults as well as a good trunk space for their luggage. The Turbo-charged engine ensure a powerful and very smooth drive. 

Hire a BMW 4 Series to reach Castillo de Santa Barbara, this ancient Muslim fortress. Beside the mysterious history that now blankets this encaptivating ancient building, there are amazing views of the Alicante town and harbour. Climb over the bed of mountain to reach Plaza de Carmen, it is pure pleasure to walk through the narrow winding streets wondering what stories could be told, if only its walls could talk.

In case you have a soft spot for convertibles, then rent a BMW 4 Series Convertible, drop the top and cruise along the streets of Alicante or take it for a more serious ride along the Costa Blanca. Perfect for a road zapper around the pristine and cultural streets of Alicante. The BMW 4 Series Convertible looks good and makes their passengers feel good. 


If however, you were planning a long-distance journey with a group of people, then the right choice is to rent a luxury BMW SUV, in the likes of a BMW X5 or X7. The BMW X5 is available as a 5/7 seater SUV whereas the X7 is a larger SUV that provides comfortable seating and enought space for seven people. In both models, the split rear tail gate enable an easier access to the cargo space. If you are looking for a more luxury and comfortable version, then we recommend the rental of the BMW X7.

A BMW hire from Alicante offers an invigorating ride across humanity’s cultural plains. Upon booking, let us know where you wish to take delivery of your BMW rental, it can be either at Alicante Airport or at your 5 star hotel or villa in Alicante or in the vicinity. Call us now to enquire.

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