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A gastronomic journey

By Ethan Hews

Food in Madrid is a wholly unique experience, incorporating traditional flavours from across Spain combined with a twist of modern cuisine. The dishes spark your curiosity, the taste never disappoints. From tapas in temples, to stylised modern cuisine or a multi course grand affair under century old painted ceilings.

Rent a BMW in Madrid airport, for a culinary journey that’s sure to please.

A two-door BMW

The BMW 4 Series, as a roomy two-door coupe caters for a speedy and comfortable ride. The 4 Series is naturally also available as a convertible in case you have a preference for a cabriolet. Whatever your choice, you are sure to expect a sporty drive aboard your BMW 4 Series rental. Stylish and powerful, it is pure pleasure to behold. 

Hop behind the wheel of your rented BMW 4 Series Convertible and enjoy the drive into the mysterious Tetuan district of central Madrid to enjoy a meal at Tasca la Farmacia. A classical Basque restaurant they are known to serve the most tasty “pintxos” (basque tapas), highly enjoyed with a cold beer. The flavours are authentic, the atmosphere is endearing.

Drive a BMW SUV

Rent a BMW X5, a classy 5 seater SUV or if you need more space, book a 7 seater BMW X7 and take the whole family to experience the best of culinary Madrid. Join the Old Madrid Tapas & Wine Tour, a truly delightful gastronomic escapade that travels the length and breadth of the La Latina neighborhood, just south of Plaza Mayor. Some traditional recipes excellently done include an authentic Spanish paella and good quality tapas. Come with an empty stomach to ensure your appetite is ripe!

And if you have some extra time, seize this opportunity to take a one day road trip from Madrid to Toledo with your rented BMW X5 and put the pedal to the metal to test its remarkable power. 

From Madrid Airport rent a BMW for a gastronomic journey of astronomic proportions.

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