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Explore the astounding St Michael’s cave in Gibraltar

By Nicole Harris

Do deep underground caves intrigue you? You need to visit the awe-inspiring St Michael's Cave hidden deep inside the Rock of Gibraltar. This is where the Archangel Michael is said to have appeared.

Sports car rental in Gibraltar is for the driver who envisages travelling in ultimate class and comfort.

If the word Ferrari makes you weak at the knees, our Ferrari 612 Scaglietti is waiting. This large two-door fastback coupé epitomises Ferrari’s talent for innovation and design. Alternatively slip behind the wheel of our McLaren P1. This limited production plug-in hybrid supercar is a show-stopper of note.

Take a tour inside the caves and learn how a shepherd led 500 Spanish soldiers to safety using a secret path. See the massive stalagmite that became too heavy on one side, fell over and has been lying there for centuries. See the Cathedral Cave where the the mineral formations around the walls resemble the pipes of an organ. Then visit Leonora's Cave thought be the undersea link all the way to Africa. When you surface, stop at the Horseshoe where home-made pies are the order of the day.

Hire a sports car in Gibraltar, arrive at St Michael's cave and cause a sensation equal to this fabulous venue.

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