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The different moods of Madrid

By Ethan Hews

Madrid is a fascinating, alive and thoroughly engaging city. Today it is a modern cosmopolitan that sits on the back of its rich and varied history.

Rent a rare and elegant Aston Martin from Madrid airport to uncover the tiers of Madrid’s many eclectic faces.

Drive an Aston Martin DB9

Hire the Aston Martin DB9, an alluring, exotic grand tourer for an unmatched driving experience. The DB9 is available as a coupe or as a convertible. it communicates a soliloquy of elegance and refinement.

Take the wheel of your DB9 rental and head towards the emblematic Plaza Mayor, Plaza de la Villa and Palacio Real each are an enormous and grand historical relic testament to Spain’s royal history, of which Madrid was at the center of its empire. These grand building are still just as emblematic and beautiful today as they were in their former medieval and renaissance years.

Vantage or DB11?

Rent the Aston Martin Vantage, a punchy sports car, its drive is focused and goes straight to the point. The Vantage is fitted with a very modern cockpit and this two-seater is also very comfortable. In the rear part, you may store some light luggage.

As an excellent alternative, you may also be tempted to try out the Aston Martin DB11, a lovely 2+2 grand tourer with a spectacular exterior design. Experience the joy to drive your rented DB11 in the road curves.

Madrid, a Bustling City

In the years of the second Republic (1931-1936) Madrid was a bustling city of new and radical ideas. This historical episode is still evident in the post modern and avant garde art that is exhibited around the city. In the 80’s Madrid went through its famous Movida movement that bred personalities such as the director Pedro Almodóvar. The liberal flair seemed to settle and get absorbed into the very lifeblood of this city known for its colourful spectrum of movements and voices.

Make your stay in Madrid unforgettable while you are cruising the city aboard a rented Aston Martin. Seize this unique opportunity to scope out the museums, galleries and lounge bars that express it all.

An Aston Martin hire from Madrid Airport will give you all the rhythm to uncover this city’s eclectic beat.

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