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The fabulous city of Toledo

By Ethan Hews

Step into your Luxury Van Rental at Madrid Airport and head off south, through Madrid and on to Toledo. This fabulous city offers history, rich culture and a great vibrant atmosphere.

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Straight Drive to Toledo

Hop behind the wheel of your rented Mercedes V-Class and hit the road towards Toledo to see one of Spain’s most impressive cathedrals beckons. As you enter you will be astounded by the sparkling gold reliefs, the massive huge oil paintings and portraits of the Toledo Cardinals going back at least 500 years.

See the Campana Gorda, the fat bell that weighs 17515 kg and deserves its name! The town hall with its beautiful garden is next and the stunning nine arches are perfect for pictures. Head to the Museo Santa Cruz where you can learn more about the interesting town. The gallery of the Real Fundacion de Toledo has 20 El Greco paintings. It also boasts individual portraits of the most important saints with vivid and spectacular colours.

Lunch at the Revolution Grille and then stroll over the Puente de Alcántara, an arched bridge spanning the Tagus River to see stunning views.

The foreboding Alcazar is an old fort and palace at the highest point in town. The rich history of this palace is astounding and the renaissance architecture will have you breathless. Visit the Sinagoga del Tránsito, which offers an insight into the Jewish culture of Spain.

Then wander around the small streets and get lost. Buy a magnificent conquistador sword and a Damascene handicraft piece of jewellery. Afternoon tea is a must at Schmucker’s, where a huge slice of mouth-watering homemade pie is the order of the day.

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