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Dress like Jackie, but Party like Paris

By Brittany Nue

Act like Audrey, Dress like Jackie, but Party like Paris and there is no better place to do that than Madrid. Madrid has one of the wildest and most active nightlife scenes in the world, where across the city’s neighbourhoods there are pockets of venues to be found where the guests are still dancing, the lights are still rolling and the music is still playing to the wee hours of the early morning, and that of course is just on any normal night of the week.

Hire an Exotic car from Madrid Airport and be dressed ready to party!

Wide Choice of Exotic Models

Our range of exotic car available to rent from Madrid Airport is highly impressive. If you had in mind a specific model that does not show on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us as our fleet is continually changing. 

Choose from amongst the Ferrari 488 Spider and drive a fabulous, sporty hard-top convertible, as it takes on a corner in a quick and swift move.

Consider the rental of a Lamborghini Huracan and drive a highly desirous coupe that has all the breathtaking performance of a supercar. Likewise the Audi R8 is another highly covetous exotic car, a 2-seater that has the driving DNA of a fearsome racing car and the smooth road handling of a comfortable coupe.

And if you were looking for a rare model, then book a McLaren 570 and experience an extreme drive at the wheel of this amazing supercar. 

Hot Night Life in Madrid

A quick guide on hot night life sites in Madrid must include Alonso Martínez for its many pubs and small discos, that can create a cosy, warm and intimate atmosphere even as the clock encroaches 3am in the morning. The Chueca district offers every taste for every style from rock and pop to latin and electro music. A popular gay scene, it has a strong and most certainly vibrant personality.

Not far from Chueca is Gran Vía otherwise known as “that place that never sleeps” its popular nightclubs only start to get things rolling at 1am and then finally wind up six or so hours later allowing its many patrons to make it to their breakfast meeting all on time.

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