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By Scott Jawns

Rent a Mercedes Benz in Zurich for a vehicle to get you around this sophisticated metropolis with perfect speed and style.

Perfect for a sporty or active lifestyle

The Mercedes E-class hire is a very popular option, primarily for groups; be it family, a professional team or good friends getting away together. Now available with intelligent drive the E-class ensures the safety and enjoyment of its passengers. 

An intelligent car, built with state-of-the-art sensors it identifies oncoming vehicles, in front or crossing ahead, pedestrians, but also different types of traffic signs and road markings. Composed of a BlueDirect engine, it utilises direct injection technology to deliver outstanding efficiency and eco figures. Perfect for a sporty or active lifestyle, hit the Mythenquai beach a gorgeous atmosphere, you can dive into the lake, or relax by the shores in this beautiful oasis.

The classic elegance of a S-Class Coupe

The Mercedes S Class hire is all about how the grace and beauty of a car can entrance its passenger.The S-Class Coupé maintains the sensuous body frame and classic proportions of its predecessors, with perhaps more of a sporty character. Designed with a graceful glide from convex to concave surfaces, the sculptured appearance keeps it in line with the Mercedes legacy of classic elegance whirled into a modern design idiom. The LED high performance headlamps only serve to exacerbate the sexy and audacious attitude of this sedan.

Drive a Mercedes SL-Class

Prepare to transport yourself to another world in the Mercedes SL Class rental. Named the “SL”, the acronym for “super light”, it has since developed a wide reputation, to now stand for “sensual legacy”. The SL Class represents a smooth synthesis of sportiness and comfort, elegance and technological innovation. It does so, seemingly effortlessly. It has been weight optimised to advance the speed capabilities of the cabriolet, to now run like an agile athlete. The degree of suspension can be altered, to adjust to new driving terrain and the electro-mechnical Direct Steer system allows greater spontaneity whilst speeding a bend. The Mercedes Hire in Zurich drives you into a world of perfection.

Frequent Questions

How can I rent a Mercedes in Zurich?

Renting an elite Mercedes in Zurich is easy and straightforward. Simply phone us and a professional consultant will give you all the information you need. If you prefer to use electronic methods, visit our website and book the luxury car you desire. Fill in the Get a Quote Form and a consultant will call you back to discuss all the details.

What does it cost to rent a Mercedes in Zurich?

For under 300 Euros per day, we have 3 stunning options for your road trip in Zurich. Drive the elegant Mercedes C Class sedan. It has a daily cost of around 240 Euros and is ideal for a family. Also in this price range is the MPV, Multi Purpose Vehicle, the Mercedes V-Class at a cost of around 295 Euros per day. This spacious but superbly comfortable model is ideal for a larger group. Experience the Mercedes GLE, an SUV with a coupé-style look for about 295 Euros per day.

Experience sublime sportiness and a race-track feel when you rent the Mercedes GT S at a daily rate starting at 750 Euros.

Planning a serious drive on rugged off roads and challenging terrain? The G63 AMG SUV offers a distinctive, tough military look. It costs around 600 Euros per day.

At the top of the range, we offer a sublime car with awe-inspiring performance and the finest quality interior fittings - the Mercedes Maybach sedan. It rents out at about 1400 Euros per day.

Rent a Car Zurich Mercedes Service offers custom made packages to suit your itinerary.

Mercedes Rental in Zurich, Switzerland

Mercedes G63 AMG

Rent Mercedes G63 AMG in Zurich

Be one of the lucky drivers to tame Europe Luxury Car Hire’s G63 AMG, see how far you can push this luxury SUV

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Mercedes-Benz GLS

Rent Mercedes-Benz GLS in Zurich

Combining maximum comfort with high performance abilities, the Mercedes-Benz GLS is America's no 1 choice of luxury large SUVs

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Mercedes SLS Roadster

Limited AvailabilityRent Mercedes SLS Roadster in Zurich

Hire the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster today and experience high performance open top driving at its best

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Mercedes Benz CLS-Class

Rent Mercedes Benz CLS-Class in Zurich

Distinctive style and a sleek design is what you'll enjoy when you hire a Mercedes CLS-Class, along with serious driving abilities

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Mercedes CLA

Rent Mercedes CLA in Zurich

The dynamic Mercedes CLA features a sporty design with interior innovations. Hire this seductive 4 door coupe for a perfect ride

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Mercedes Benz SLK-Class

Limited AvailabilityRent Mercedes Benz SLK-Class in Zurich

If you're looking for an elegant 2-seater cabrio sports car, a Mercedes SLK-Class rental will fulfill all your driving needs

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Mercedes C63 AMG

Special Offers AvailableRent Mercedes C63 AMG in Zurich

Rent a Mercedes C63 AMG to enjoy high comfort and maximum performance

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Mercedes C63 AMG Cabriolet

Rent Mercedes C63 AMG Cabriolet in Zurich

Rent a Mercedes C63 AMG Cabriolet and enjoy a luxurious ride behind the wheel of this sporty and exquisite convertible

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Mercedes C Class

Rent Mercedes C Class in Zurich

The Mercedes C Class is a luxury sedan praised for its eye-catching design and posh interior dotted with high-end technology

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Mercedes GLC

New ArrivalRent Mercedes GLC in Zurich

The Mercedes GLC is the perfect choice for exploring off the beaten track

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Mercedes E Class

Special Offers AvailableRent Mercedes E Class in Zurich

The Mercedes E Class Sedan is the perfect combination of beauty and performance

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Mercedes Vito

Rent Mercedes Vito in Zurich

Need to get the project done, or transport a team? The Mercedes Vito is the best solution

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Mercedes GLE

Rent Mercedes GLE in Zurich

In highly enviable fashion the Mercedes GLE rental has an exterior that is given undeniable sporting appeal

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Mercedes Maybach

Limited AvailabilityRent Mercedes Maybach in Zurich

There are luxury cars and then there is the Mercedes Maybach that in all its power and refinement comprises a class of its own

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Mercedes GT S

New ArrivalRent Mercedes  GT S in Zurich

Throughout all the features of the Mercedes GT S rental the central focus is that precision is key, and that applies to everything

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Mercedes SL Roadster

Rent Mercedes SL Roadster in Zurich

Full of style and power, the Mercedes SL Roadster rental will turn heads while you drive this open sports car

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Mercedes-Benz V-Class

Rent Mercedes-Benz V-Class in Zurich

Elegant, spacious and comfortable, the Mercedes Benz V Class is the newest and largest passenger car family

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Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren

Limited AvailabilityRent Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren in Zurich

The ultimate Mercedes supercar, an SLR McLaren rental is elegant, sporty and light, but also one of the fastest cabrios in the market

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Mercedes S-Class

Rent Mercedes S-Class in Zurich

Defining a new level of comfort and exceptional performance, the Mercedes S Class is elegant, agile and dynamic

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Mercedes GT Roadster

New ArrivalRent Mercedes GT Roadster in Zurich

The magnificent Mercedes GT Roadster is designed for the ultimate open-air experience

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Mercedes GT

Limited AvailabilityRent Mercedes GT in Zurich

The entertainment features of the Mercedes GT rental are clever and easy to operate

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Mercedes E-Class Cabriolet

Rent Mercedes E-Class Cabriolet in Zurich

From inside its luxurious interior through to its outside ultra stylish design, we invite you to step inside the Mercedes E-Class Cabriolet

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Mercedes Benz ML-Class

Rent Mercedes Benz ML-Class in Zurich

The Mercedes take on a 4x4 luxury rental, the ML-Class is a powerful mid-size SUV, ideal for the city and off-road driving

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Mercedes GLA

Rent Mercedes GLA in Zurich

Enjoy a compact, versatile and powerful crossover SUV ideal for everyday driving when you hire a Mercedes GLA

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Mercedes S Class Cabriolet

New ArrivalRent Mercedes S Class Cabriolet in Zurich

Hire the Mercedes S-Class Cabriolet for its sensational design, intelligent safety systems, and dynamic and powerful driving

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Mercedes-Benz E Class Wagon

Rent Mercedes-Benz E Class Wagon in Zurich

The Mercedes-Benz E Class Wagon is more than an improved version, it’s a class of its own. It pampers its driver and passengers

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