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A Mercedes expresses that feeling

By Nicole Harris

Mercedes cars have that secret element, a undefinable ingredient that gives it something more than other luxury cars. Whether it's the prestige appearance, those sleek Mercedes cabrios or the smooth confidant glide of their drive. One must drive a Mercedes Benz to know this experience. To feel for themselves what it is like to get behind its powerful wheel and just drive. Hire a Mercedes from Zurich Airport and acquaint yourself with this experience.

The Mercedes E Class rental, is a popular choice as a coupe, a hybrid and a people mover in the station wagon. The E-class is setting the standard of automotive luxury for today, and tomorrow. Have the Mercedes E class delivered to you at Zurich Airport and then head towards your hotel accommodation at the opulent Baur au Lac Hotel. Once refreshed, descend to the Pavillon, a luxurious restaurant housed in a glass gazebo. The menu is highly tempting and varied, as head chef Laurent Eperon offers a modern interpretation of the classic dishes.

Rent the Mercedes SLS class or SL Class, superior, stylish and smooth. These range of luxury vehicles have certainly mastered the art of how to make a powerful impression. The Mercedes SL class 65 AMG is a 12V cabrio available within our Mercedes rental fleet in an electrifying blue. Once in the SLS, head towards the White Elephant for authentic Thai cuisine. This exclusive restaurant, does well to maintain its reputation as one of Zurich’s best.

Put your finger on that moment that can’t be expressed, hire a Mercedes from Zurich Airport.

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