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Beauty, Perfected.

By Scott Jawns

Discover Paris’ wild side by driving a McLaren rental. Never shy of displaying a little luxury, the old adage “if you’ve got it, flaunt it” must have been coined in Paris. See the opulently decorated halls, lavish galleries and stunning gardens of the many magical châteaux that lie on Paris’ outskirts. Traverse the old medieval cobblestone streets of the Marais District, one of the oldest neighborhoods of Paris, where age old legends still float between the cafe stalls and are best absorbed whilst sipping a freshly brewed and richly aromatic caffe latte. Drive over to the center of town to explore the seemingly endless variety of treasures to be found in the Louvre or if you rather cruise along the cobblestone streets of the bohemian Montmartre district. Neither the McLaren, nor Paris is shy of hiding their inherent beauty and capability, but then neither should you be shy of seeking it out.

Our fleet of McLaren rental vehicles in Paris is nothing short of outstanding. Choose from amongst the McLaren P1 hire, a rare limited edition vehicle, that most mortals never get the chance to experience the intoxicating effect of its dynamic drive in their lifetime. Otherwise, try the McLaren F1 rental for a racing car experience that is unbelievably road legal. However popular amongst our clients is the McLaren MP4-12C, more than likely as it gives them every means to drive a super sports car with the looks and performance capabilities of a supercar, yet with the smooth ride quality of an executive saloon.

From behind the wheel of your McLaren rental see the iconic masterworks of the legendary Monet, which hangs in the galleries of the Orangerie Museum, and make sure not to miss the majestic water lilies painting that also hangs upon the walls. Discover the dramatic architecture that can be found on Paris’ island of Ile de la Cite, where there is a unique ambience of historic wealth that watches the trespasses of centuries from its unique vantage point on the Seine. Rent a McLaren in Paris and fall in love with the culture of the city, as nowhere else is beauty so rarely perfected.

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