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By Scott Jawns

A delectable pastry, named by the iconic Brigitte Bardot cannot be missed when in Saint Tropez.

Plan a luxurious self-drive holiday, rent a McLaren in Saint Tropez.

Packed with power and style, the McLaren 675LT made its début at the Geneva Motor Show in 2015. Be one of the elite few to experience this beauty on the road! Our McLaren MP4-12C will delight with sporty sleek lines and super speed. Representing the height of design, craftsmanship and engineering, driving this car will be a defining moment in your life.

Those with a sweet tooth will be enchanted to learn about and sample the delectable Tarte Tropézienne.

Pastry chef, Alexandre Micka arrived in Saint Tropez from Poland in the 1950s and set up a small patisserie on the main square. He brought with him a closely guarded recipe from his Grandmother. The cake was a round brioche, sprinkled with pearl sugar and filled with a butter cream filling with a delicate hint of orange blossom water.

At the time, a movie called 'And God Created Woman' was being filmed at a nearby location, starring the iconic Brigitte Bardot. Micka was appointed as the chef for the production team. Bardot fell in love with the cake and suggested the name, Tarte Tropézienne, not caring that it was not in fact a tart at all! It became an iconic symbol of Saint Tropez and is today sold worldwide in various forms.

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