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By Nicole Harris

Looking for something different? Explore the Alternative Arts Scene in Toulouse.

Toulouse is a city filled with students and a rich history of Spanish communists, anarchists and rebels who escaped from Spain and arrived here after the Spanish Civil War. This heady combination creates a fabulous Alternative Arts Scene that needs to be explored.

Allow our professional Meet and Greet service to welcome you at Toulouse Airport. They are waiting to add that extra touch of prestige to your holiday trip. Rent a McLaren at Toulouse Airport and hit the arts scene.

Drive our McLaren 540C, this fabulous coupé with low, polished lines, cruises with a mid-mounted 533-hp 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 engine. For the ultimate show-off style, the McLaren P1 is a limited production hybrid supercar that will awe the senses with its curvaceous lines and amazing speed.

Start with a visit to Le Dynamo Club, where you can enjoy alternative live bands performing. Mix’Art Myrys is an abandoned building that local artists have turned into an art expo with unusual and off-beat art on display. This venue offers a space where cultural democracy can flourish, with meetings, expos and discussions. L’Usine is another venue where resident artists put their range of work on display, showcasing skills as diverse as costume design, wood cutting, light effects and carpentry.

La Grainerie is home to many artists with a focus on circus acts and is worth visiting even when there isn’t a show on. Les Motivées is a highly active association that holds music concerts and events with a strong political and social message.

Spend time, relax, chill out and open your mind to these exclusive venues where creativity via art with a difference is the order of the day!

For a commanding performance, hire a McLaren at Toulouse Airport.

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