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By Ethan Hews

City of Lights, city of romance and city of fashion, whether the world takes on rose tinted hues or whether the world is that much more beautiful in Paris is all open to conjecture. At the end of the day, Paris is where beauty is an art form, be it in the realm of fashion, food, literature, art or sweeping scenery. Rent a Jaguar in Paris for a once-in-a-lifetime- tour of european beauty and elegance. See the impressionist artwork that adorns the halls of the Musée d’Orsay, the ornately sculpted fountains at Jardin du Luxembourg that spray water into the air and continue to descend as beautiful crystal droplets.

The Jaguar f-type hire, continues to enjoy popularity as one of the most frequently selected luxury cars in Paris. However, this is not all too surprising as after all it offers an unrivalled driving experience within the confines of a supercharged sportscar. In advance book the Jaguar XF hire and have an executive mid-size luxury car ready for you as you arrive at Charles de Gaulle International Airport, ready to hit the highways as soon as you have gotten past customs. The Jaguar XJ hire, also makes for a seductive option, as the flagship luxury saloon from the elite British brand, this car drives with a wonderful sense of character and confidence, making it ideal for a self drive or a chauffeur drive.

Aboard your Jaguar hire in Paris see the glass stained windows above the nave of Notre Dame, where the light pours through throwing colour on the dramatic contours of the alter. Whether your stay in Paris is just over the weekend or for a week or two, have a Jaguar car hire to travel across the wondrous beating heart of Paris, from its many corner cafes to its boutique fashion shops and vibrant market stalls where soft carres de soies are swaying in the breeze.

A Jaguar in Paris is available for hire, as long as the heart does so desire.

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