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The perfect match in Paris

By Scott Jawns

A Cabriolet rental in Paris, is a wonderful choice. The two go together like a hand and a glove, a blossom and a leaf, two peas in a pod. One could almost wonder whether the cabriolet design was created, just for the city of Paris itself?

Drive a BMW M6 Convertible

A BMW convertible rental, is a popular choice amongst our convertible car hire range. Particularly the BMW M6 Cabrio rental has earned critical acclaim for its characteristic “shark-nose” styling, luxury interior, elite equipment and top-notch performance. The 2-door, 4-seater cabrio demands attention wherever it drives, with a commanding presence and design that is aggressive yet elegant. The M6 cabrio features a 5.0 liter V10 engine and accelerates from 0 – 100 km/h in just 4.4 seconds.

Cruising along the Seine

An Audi roadster hire, is perfect for a coast along the Quais de la Seine, the scenic highways that follow the length of the Seine through the heart of Paris and across much of its breathtaking views. The Audi S5 cabrio rental is a high performance compact luxury car, featuring a powerful 4.2 liter V8 internal combustion engine, firmer suspension, larger brakes and wheels, and state-of-the-art interior design. Nothing less than a luxurious, yet super efficient cabrio.

However, one can’t consider a Paris cabriolet hire without viewing the Ferrari range, housed within our fleet of luxury vehicles. From the Ferrari California and Ferrari F430 Coupé to the Ferrari 458 Italia Spider and the 360 Spider cabrio. Each are just sensational in their own right. These blazing red convertibles are as powerful as they are striking, many of which are highly exclusive and limited in their availability. Coast one of these audacious beauties along the Quai de la Seine and enjoy the very best of what Paris has to offer.

Frequent Questions

How much does it cost to rent a cabriolet in Paris?

Our Car Rental Cabriolet Paris Service offers an exciting choice of
classy and sporty cabriolets for your road trip. Create a buzz as you cruise the streets of this iconic city in an equally iconic car.

For roof-down refinement and a classy interior, we offer the elegant Mercedes E Class Cabriolet at a conservative price of around 295 Euros per day. Also in the Mercedes range is the Mercedes SLS Roadster at a cost of around 895 Euros per day.

For an Audi experience, drive the Audi R8 Spyder. This race-track inspired beauty has a daily cost starting at 600 Euros. Join the jet setters in a Porsche Boxster at a cost of about 400 Euros per day. This delightful car is totally at home on the streets of Paris. For an exclusive drive in an exhilarating car, book the Rolls Royce Dawn. The unparalleled craftsmanship, beauty and cutting-edge technology of this vehicle defines your lifestyle. No more need be said! Cost is around 2000 Euros per day.

Please check with our consultants, costs vary depending on the time of the year you book the car for.

Where can I rent a cabriolet in Paris?

With Rent a Car Paris Cabriolet Service, you can rent an exotic cabriolet anywhere that suits you best. We can arrange to meet you at the airport, at your boutique hotel, luxury villa or Château. You tell us when and where is most convenient and our Meet and Greet Team will be there.


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