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By Ethan Hews

Toulouse, France is an enchanting city to explore. It is locally known as the 'Pink City'. Coral hues that adorn the ancient churches. Pink brickwork and ochre rooftops that shimmer in the sun, add to the rose-tint that gives La Ville Rose its name.

Rent a Jaguar at Toulouse Airport and set off for a day of exploring. Our professional Meet and Greet Service will welcome you like a VIP, we have years of experience dealing with discerning clients! Drive off in a magnificent Jaguar F-Type. This distinguished vehicle will delight with its sleek lines, exotic appeal and open top.

Travel to the Basilique St-Sernin, a beautifully restored 11th century church, sporting gorgeous gold and rose coloured arches and a towering bell tower. It was named after the city's first Bishop who was mauled to death after being tied to a bull by Pagan priests. Lighten up at the Pont-Neuf, the famous bridge spanning the Garonne river. The arches are lit up at night, creating a romantic setting for that special photo!

Another fabulous high-end car we would be delighted to offer is our Jaguar XJ. This full-sized luxury car offers 4 doors for a larger group or family. Travel to the imposing Le Couvent des Jacobins. Admire the ornate stained glass windows, the magnificent ceiling frescos and the tomb of St Thomas Aquinas. Finish your day sipping a glass of, yes, Pink Champagne!

No matter what time period you require, Jaguar rental at Toulouse Airport offers luxurious bespoke packages to suit your personal requirements.

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