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The St Tropez Spirit

By Nicole Harris

Situated beautifully along the French Riviera, hire an Exotic car to visit Saint Tropez, a bay side city that lives under the shine of its bright reputation. A word of advice though, whilst you most certainly need a car to arrive, travelling through the highways that line the French Riviera, the inner hub of Saint Tropez is pedestrianised due to its many narrow streets and lots of walking tourists that easily fill the roads. So, to save you the hassle of trying to navigate a narrow strip of cobblestone footpath, there is a large parking lot at the outer parameter of Saint Tropez, which is really just a ten minute walk away from its center. From there, enjoy all the glamour that Saint Tropez is famous for, the expensive yachts wafting on the sea, the cruise ships coming in from all over the world, the A-class shopping and the sensational cuisine!

Our selection of Exotic car rentals in Saint Tropez is a sparkling sight in itself, utilise our VIP package and with our premium service have the car of your dreams booked and ready for you to drive off with the greatest level of ease and convenience. For example book the sensational Audi R8 Spyder, an exotic cabrio that is based on a fearsome racing car that can be presented to you at your hotel in Saint Tropez. The two seater convertible offers the ultimate in power and handling, ensuring an exhilarating drive where ever you choose to go.

Make an online booking today for the Mini Cooper Clubman S to experience the fun of driving a car that is both nimble and quick and is sure to outdo Jack any day. The feeling of driving a compact mini really is that exciting, as while the driver’s cockpit is spacious with heaps of legroom and cargo space, the car drives and handles as well as you could expect from a small car packed with power. At your request have this little beauty delivered to you on your arrival at Nice Cote d’Azur Airport (NCE).

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