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By Nicole Harris

Travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape you. Hire a prestige car in Toulouse Airport and delight in the wealth of possibilities that await you in the Pink City.

Drive around in the ever glamorous Rolls-Royce Ghost, an executive saloon with a magnificent 6.6-litre V12 engine and a refined and opulent handcrafted interior. Wander through the streets of the posh neighborhoods of Les Carmes and Le Quartier des Antiquaires admiring the Renaissance-era Toulousian houses with their bright red bricks, the expensive jewelry shops and restaurants, and the many art galleries and antique dealers.

Cruise on lovely little country roads comfortably aboard the Range Rover Vogue, a luxury SUV offering superb refinement and capability both on and off road and explore the Fronton Vineyards between Toulouse and Montauban.

An excellent choice for lunch is the unpretentious but renowned Michelin starred L'Air de Famille. Located in front of the Victor Hugo market, the chef offers authentic, seasonal cuisine, where the vegetable occupies a prominent place, such as avocado tartare and salmon, a mouthwatering duck salad, quail fillets and a superb chocolate tart.

Rio Loco International, the annual music festival held in the park along the river is one of many summer cultural events happening in Toulouse and an amazing opportunity to breath in the atmosphere of the town. Hire a prestige car in Toulouse Airport with our exclusive ‘meet and greet’ service and immerse yourself in the charm of the town.

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