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Behind the mist, races the Phantom

By Scott Jawns

High up on the mountain cliff top surrounded by a heavy mist, the Domme still stands. A thirteenth century French bastion against the English. Despite the passing of millennia, the Domme garrison, still retains its ramparts and original gateways. Perched on a cliff’s edge of the Dordogne, it offers dizzying views of the untamed wild green bellow. Hire a Rolls-Royce from Toulouse Airport and ride off into a world deep in mystery.

From Toulouse Blagnac International Airport (TLS), the elegant and refined Rolls-Royce Phantom drives with a fearsome force, silent as the night, race the highways that lead to the remote village of Daglan, known as one of the most beautifully preserved villages in France. Stay for the night in Chateau des Milandes and eat a meal at one of the top restaurants found in the area. With locally produced cherries, wine, bread, artichokes, cheese and walnuts, the flavours play delicately on the palate.

Utilise our chauffeur service when hiring the Rolls Royce Phantom Extended Wheelbase, which is best enjoyed from the rear seats. Organise your accommodation at the Grand Hôtel de l’Opéra, built with all the elegance of baroque style architecture, the interior is equally decorated in exceptional detail to fabrics, furnishings and finishings, ensuring your stay here will be an indulgent one. Close in its proximity to Théâtre du Capitole, enjoy a evening of celestial music at Toulouse’s Opera House.

From Toulouse hire a Rolls Royce, to drive through the shadows.

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