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From Toulouse to Montpellier

By Ethan Hews

Take three days and drive the scenic route from Toulouse Airport to Montpellier, stopping in the charming town of Carcassonne.

Leave Toulouse towards Carcassonne, enjoy the scenery as you drive in complete comfort. Pont-Vieux is the oldest bridge crossing the river Aude. Explore the medieval castle Château Comtal, where magic is in the air. Exchange your Luxury Van for a boat and cruise down the Canal du Midi stopping for a late picnic lunch next to the river. The five star Hotel de la Cite Carcassonne will have you well rested for the next day's adventures.

Day two starts when you set off and head for Montpellier. Visit the Place de la Comédie, the main focal point of the city with shops and charming cafés. The triumphal arch Porte du Peyrou is a must for photos. One of the national monuments of France in this city is Montpellier Cathedral, the architecture will have you in awe. After lunch at Playfood Restaurant, it’s off to the Museé Fabre and the Chateau de la Mogére which will take you back in time.

Day three is a relaxed day, take a leisurely drive towards the beach resort of Palavas-les-Flots. This charming resort used to be a fisherman’s village and boasts sandy white beaches. The shops sell good food and great wine. Visit a fun museum dedicated to the local train to Montpellier.

Buy a few souvenirs and relax on the beach. Eat at the fabulous revolving restaurant at the top of the 45m water tower for spectacular food and awesome views.

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