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Explore the city of Cologne

By Ethan Hews

Experience the breathtaking scenes of Cologne, a picturesque city while travelling in an exquisite Luxury Van.

Set off from Stuttgart and head northwest on a stunning three hour scenic drive. Head straight for the designer shops and buy bottles of the iconic Eau de Cologne. This is the city where it was born, originally mixed by Johann Maria Farina in 1709 using a mixture of lemon, orange, tangerine, lime, grapefruit and neroli oils.

Continue your journey to the magnificent twin-spire Kölner Dom, known for its gilded medieval reliquary and stunning river views. Just a stone's throw from here art lovers must visit the Museum Ludwig with its 20th century exhibition by Picasso.

Explore Cologne’s Old Town, you will love the unique charm and numerous historic churches. Find yourself in awe of magnificent fountains and countless monuments that adorn the area. Take photos of the Archaeological Zone with many artefacts and ancient ruins.

Now head off to the Rӧmisch-Germanisches Museum where you will learn about the history of Romans in Cologne. Not to be missed is the Museum Schnütgen with its religious and sacred art from the Middle Ages.

Stop for lunch at the lovely Himmel un Äd with their exquisite German menu and stunning views. After lunch explore the Rheinpark along the right bank of the River Rhine and then set off to the bohemian Agnesviertel, where you will find independent designer stores, quaint bars, bookshops and art galleries.

Spend your night in the Hotel im Wasserturm, it is built inside a 130 year old water tower and offers a designer interior and panoramic views from the rooftop.

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