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Sip champagne in the scenic town of Esslingen

By Ethan Hews

The town of Esslingen has the oldest Champagne or Sekt Cellar in Germany. Some tasting is a must-do when in Stuttgart.

Hire an executive vehicle in Stuttgart, look chic and stylish as you explore the surrounding regions.

Show off in a fabulous Ferrari California. This two-door convertible will make your day with dynamic speed, stunning looks, a luxurious cabin and a seductive open top. Alternatively, if Mercedes is calling you, our Mercedes SLK-Class with a retractable top is stylish, slim and sleek. Both superior cars for a drive to Esslingen.

This lovely country town is located on the Neckar River, about 14km from Stuttgart and is surrounded by stunning winelands. Take a drive in your executive car for a relaxing day out. It is country living and the locals love their festivals. See the Strawberry Festival, the Onion Festival and the famous Medieval Christmas market. Visit the Hohenneuffen Castle and stroll through the town with its ancient falling-over buildings. Take a tour of the Kessler Sparkling Wine Cellars, the Champagnes are world renowned. End your day sipping a glass of Kessler Hochgewäch and watching the sun set on the river.

Drive a car with seductive power and an exquisite finish, Stuttgart prestige car rental offers you the choice.

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