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Sample some blechkuchen in Stuttgart

By Scott Jawns

Cake lovers will be delighted with the variety in Stuttgart. Hire an elite Ferrari and start tasting.

Ferrari Stuttgart rental offers a super stylish mode of transport for holiday or business trip of any duration.

If you have dreamt about driving an elite car, the stunning Ferrari FF is waiting. With four generous body-hugging seats and a patented four-wheel drive system it offers a true FF, fantastic, fabulous drive! Try a limited edition vehicle with an array of international motoring media awards. The exclusive Ferrari 458 Speciale A will turn heads as you cruise the streets of Stuttgart.

Blechkuchen or Sheet cakes are baked in a large rectangular baking tray and then cut into squares for serving. There are dozens of varieties waiting to tempt you. Start with Butterkuchen, a butter cake which is the most basic type. The Streuselkuchen version is made from sweet yeast dough topped with crumbs of flour and white granulated sugar. The Käsekuchen is a cheese variety using quark, topped with fruit and nuts. Try a Bienenstich which offers a topping of butter, sugar and almond that caramelizes during baking. It is also filled with a vanilla cream!

When you refuse to settle for ordinary, hire a Ferrari in Stuttgart for a superior driving experience.

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