Rent BMW on the Amalfi Coast

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More than just a scenic tour

By Scott Jawns

Rent a BMW on the Amalfi Coast, more than just a scenic tour and no less than a cultural pilgrimage for Italians. It is an exciting experience of unceasingly winding and narrow roads that are all built in to the cliff’s edge, highly distracting views of the Mediterranean sea, massive thumping buses, and daring Italian drivers, all competing for the slight slither of space that they call a highway.

In your own unique fashion hire the BMW X4 to join the throng of tourists slinking their way through the winding roads cut into the sides of the mountain. The BMW X4 has character unleashed, distinct from other SUVs, by its unique and highly stylish silhouette, characterised by a solid stance, an enlarged grille and wider air inlets. The superb driving dynamics is fully experienced on the relentless curve of the highway.

The prestigious X range of BMW vehicles has developed a reputation as being a sophisticated class of 4x4’s known for their distinct good looks and powerfully smooth drive. Hire the X1 or the X3, to travel the highway tunnels that cut through the rock. Higher up the mountain, a cloudy mist descends on to the road enhancing an even more edgy affect.

In your BMW rental on the Amalfi Coast, stop by one of the bistros for a cafe “perfetto” - and make it a double.

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