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A scenic family road trip in northern Italy

By moshe

Going on a family road trip is a great bonding experience that will create memories to last a lifetime. Your choice of wheels is vital – you don’t want to be cramped, confined or uncomfortable. The awe-inspiring BMW X5 is a luxury crossover SUV with 5 doors and spacious seating for 7 people. It is powered by a 4.0-Litre 400bhp V8 engine and an 8-Speed Automatic Steptronic Transmission. This is the perfect choice for style, comfort and exceptional road handling on any type of terrain.

However, if your mind is set rather on a high-performance drive, then let us recommend you one of the BMW M Models, such as a BMW M2 or the premium BMW M6 Gran Coupe. 

Another good alternative is the rental of a BMW 4 Series Coupe or maybe the 4 Series Convertible, to enjoy the most beautiful open-air drive in Cinque Terre. 

Drive a BMW X5 to Cinque Terre

Hop behind the wheel of your rented BMW X5 and enjoy the long drive from Milan via Piacenza to Cremona, then on to Parma and down to to the coast to Cinque Terre. The distance is around 300km and makes a scenic alternative route from travelling via Genoa.

You can plan to stay overnight in the fabulous Cinque Terre Region and explore these amazing cliff-hanging villages at your leisure on the second day.

Meeting Services at Milan Airport

Excitement mounts as you step off your plane at Milan Malpensa Airport. This is the start of your Italian road trip and car rental issues should not be a concern. Head to the Davide Oldani Café and relax over a cappuccino and a plate of biscotti. Our professional Meet and Greet Team will find you and your family there, and escort you to your BMW X5. We will ensure that you are up to speed with the cutting-edge technology and even take you for a test drive if you so desire.

Drive to Piacenza

Your trip starts with a scenic drive south, along the A1 for a distance of around 75km. Piacenza is often missed by tourists but makes a fascinating stop to explore the culture and architecture of northern Italy. Drive to the central Piazza Cavalli where you can see two huge equestrian statues in the middle of the square. Nearby is the Piacenza Cathedral, built in the early 1100’s. Look out for the beautiful Angel that rotates at the top of the Bell Tower. This city of famous for chocolate and your next stop is Pasticceria Cioccolateria Falicetto. They offer a delectable choice of hand made chocolates and pastries. Watch the artisans at work, creating chocolate masterpieces!


Cremona – Home of Violins

Drive to the nearby town of Cremona, a distance of around 40km. It has a rich history of music and an amazing Museo del violino filled with a rare collection of stringed instruments that includes violins, violas, cellos and double basses. Music lovers will be awed to see the Stradivarian tools – over 700 exhibits, including drawings and tools from Antonio Stradivari's workshop. If you are not afraid of heights, visit the Orologio Astronomico Torrazzo. This massive tower has a collection of marvellous clocks and you can climb up the winding staircase of 500 stairs to the top. If you make it, you will have learnt all about the history of the tower and be rewarded with panoramic views.

Powerful Drive to Parma

Your stylish SUV has loads of space and a state-of-the-art Infotainment system for the kids. The driver will enjoy the powerful All-Wheel Drive that intelligently adapts to changes in road surface. The Route-Ahead Assist Systems makes driving relaxed and easy by recognising bends, speed limits, built-up areas and highway exits, giving you warnings in advance.

The distance to Parma is around 70km and will take you about an hour. Parma is famous for its world class food and draws attention from around the globe for its prosciutto, Parmesan cheese and Lambrusco wine. Stop at La Corale Verdi near the Parco Ducale and order the signature dish of fresh tortelli.

In Parma, you can join a guided tour of a local cheese factory to learn all about how cheese is made. At the end of the tour sample some regional specialities paired with freshly baked bread and a glass of local wine.

Explore Parma

After your meal in Parma, explore the beautiful San Paolo Monastery. This Benedictine monastery complex features 16th century frescoes by Antonio Correggio. Also not to be missed is the beautiful Battistero. Take a stroll around this octagonal pink-marble Baptistery. It features a combination of Romanesque and Gothic architecture and offers stunning 13th Century Byzantine frescoes and marble columns.

Continue to Cinque Terre

Drive to coast to Cinque Terre. This unique setting of five ancient fishing villages are perched at breathtaking heights on the cliff sides overlooking the ocean. The buildings are painted in colourful shades and create a mesmerising scene. Park your SUV and stroll around the quaint streets that wind up and down the cliffs. Spend the night and continue exploring in the morning before driving back to Milan.

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