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Take a day trip to Gole dell’alcantara

By Scott Jawns

On the east coast of Sicily is a wonderful natural gorge to cool down in the summer heat. This unique and timeless place has walls and cliffs that were created by the lava flow of the Mount Etna thousands of years ago.

Allow our Meet and Greet Service to arrange all your transport needs at Palermo Airport (PMO). BMW rental in Sicily offers an exclusive range of luxury BMW vehicles for all tastes.

If you love the open road with the wind in your hair, drop the top of our BMW 6 Series Convertible and enjoy pure dynamism. This stunning car makes an unforgettable drive. For a family sedan, don't skimp on luxury. Our BMW M3 with its precision lightweight design, high power and sensational driving style will delight the whole family.

Climb down the 110 steps to the water's edge and have a swim in a pool surrounded by towering dramatic 25m high cliffs. The icy water will brace your spirit. Walk under waterfalls and climb on the massive volcanic boulders. Rent a wader and float away with the current. This idyllic spot calls for a day visit. Warm up with dinner at the fabulous La Grotta, a rustic trattoria set in a cave, where the insalata di mare, boiled fish with lemon and olive oil, is to die for.

Hire a BMW in Sicily for a showy holiday driving package.

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