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Living well in Amalfi

By Scott Jawns

As you travel along the thoroughly captivating Amalfi Coast in a Mercedes-Benz hire, a stop in Amalfi is certainly a must. Not merely because this is the stunning town that the whole stretch of coast was named after, but because the beauty and the sun splashed serenity, makes it a home calling for anyone hopelessly romantic.

Rent the Mercedes CLA coupe, and drive a car unleashed and wildly untamed, burning the road in its trail, it is the perfect car to be seen driving in the expensive, cafe and shop filled boulevards of Amalfi. At its most powerful, Amalfi, was a major maritime republic, which controlled much of the sea trade routes under the governance of the 12th-century Tavole Amalfitane, one of the world's most established maritime codes.

Hire the CLA shooting break and travel with exquisite class in a 4 door vehicle. Singular and uncompromising the shooting break brings a new element to the road with the sportiness of a coupé and the spaciousness of a family vehicle. On arrival in Amalfi take a yacht tour and set sail on the mediterranean. See the nearby towns of Ravello and Positano, go swimming in the azure seas directly from the yacht and explore the island of Capri.

Rent a Mercedes on the Amalfi Coast because you only live once, make sure you live well.

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