Rent Bentley on the Amalfi Coast

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Escape for you body, mind and soul

By Ethan Hews

Rent a Bentley in the Amalfi Coast to travel the length of this stunning stretch of bay. Set in the cliff side of the Campania region of Italy, the Amalfi Coast offers stunning views of the turquoise blue Mediterranean sea. Cross through the many towns and villages that dot along its coast, each with a unique character, they form the intricate patchwork of colour and vibrancy that entice us to discover them in pure wonder and fascination.

The Amalfi Coast is a holiday region that is typically reserved for the world’s wealthiest, rent the prestigious Bentley Continental GT Speed convertible and with its powerful V8 engine to race along the highway that captures the most perfect views in the transcendent sunlight. The coloured terrace houses, sloped lemon tree gardens and the breathtaking views of the azure sea, make this an escape of the body, mind and soul.

Hire the Continental GT convertible or its sister in seduction the Continental GT. The flagship Bentley car, the GT offers the epitome of comfort within its interior, it is luxury in every movement. The Amalfi Coast starts at its most south eastern point from Sorrento and stretches in an effortless scraggy line of golden sand to its northernmost tip near Salerno. There are many luxurious locations along the stretch of highway, stay the night in Amalfi and indulge the sense over a long lunch in the town of Ravello. Each offering stunning picturesque beauty with its own distinct flair.

An Amalfi Coast Bentley hire, the perfect way to reach your dreams and back.

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