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Just leanin’

By Scott Jawns

Hire a BMW in Siena, like the powerful BMW X5 4X4 SUV, with 7 seats and plenty of space for the whole family, or the M3, BMW's best-selling vehicle, and travel through the gorgeous Tuscan countryside.

Take the top down on your BMW M6 Cabrio rental and visit the delightful city of Pisa. Walk around the Piazza dei Miracoli, home to one of Italy’s signature sights, the famous and iconic Leaning Tower of Pisa. Visit Pisa's unusual round baptistry, the Battistero, and climb up to the Upper Gallery to listen to the custodian demonstrate the double dome's remarkable acoustics and echo effects. Stop by the magnificent Romanesque Duomo and walk to the Piazza dei Cavalieri, Knights' Square, see the Church of San Sisto, the oldest church in Pisa and the prestigious Scuola Normale di Pisa. Admire the many Renaissance buildings and statues around what was once the political center of medieval Pisa.

Consider the world’s first Sports Activity Coupé, the BMW X6, and take in the charm of medieval Tuscan towns. Visit the Fortress of Monteriggioni, with its medieval city walls still intact. Walk around the UNESCO World Heritage-listed town of San Gimignano and trace the pilgrim's steps down Via Francigena. See the beautiful monuments at Piazza del Duomo, visit the Palazzo Comunale and take in the spectacular panoramic views of Tuscany from the Torre Grossa. Continue your drive south towards the fascinating Tuscan city of Volterra, known for its production of alabaster. Walk around the town’s picturesque streets and visit an authentic alabaster workshop to see an artisan craftsman at work.

Travel through the enchanting medieval villages of beautiful Tuscany aboard a BMW car rental from Siena.

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