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Mercedes for the most elite amongst us

By Scott Jawns

Prestigious, exclusive and elite, discover the best kept secrets of Turin behind the high fences and the leafy tree districts. Our Mercedes-Benz fleet reflects these same attributes, nothing less the regal in its smooth drive down a boulevard. Give expression to your sense of entitlement, a Mercedes car hire in Turin, is just one click away.

The S Class rental has the classic proportions of a grand sporty coupe coupled with high tech features and a luxurious comfort, it is a pleasure to drive in any occasion. The Mercedes S class hire is perfect for the Crocetta district of Turin. Considered one of the most exclusive districts of the city, largely due to its extremely expensive residential estates. At the central heart of Crocetta is the partially pedestrianized area crossed by Corso Trieste, Corso Trento and Corso Duca d'Aosta. The plethora of residential homes makes a pleasant gase in the eclectic grouping of neo-Gothic and Art Nouveau styles.

The new E Class from the Mercedes marque boasts a fresher, sportier and even more dynamic design than its model predecessors. Cruise through the large and modern avenues of Crocetta, such as Corso Duca degli Abruzzi, Corso Galileo Ferraris, and Corso Einaudi. These lovely avenues feature endless rows of dark green leafy trees. Make sure to stop by the most popular avenue of Corso De Gasperi, the location of a fashionable open market, the so-called Mercato della Crocetta. Find a gem amongst the wonderful array of wares. Have the Mercedes SLS class delivered to you at your luxury hotel be it the boho fun found at Town House 70 or the modern elegance of Hotel Residence Star Torino. Our ‘meet and greet’ service can deliver your Mercedes rental in Turin to any location within this prestigious and luxurious city.

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