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A calorie-packed journey

By Scott Jawns

Serving some of Italy’s best pizza, pasta, coffee, gelato and seafood dishes, Naples is one of Italy’s culinary heavyweights. Make your way around town tasting some of the most delicious foods aboard a Mercedes Benz car hire from Naples Airport whether you choose to self drive using our exclusive ‘meet and greet’ service, or have a chauffeur drive you around while you enjoy a carb-induced snooze in the comfort of the back seat.

Naples and pizza are a match made in calorie heaven. Napolitans take their pizza seriously, so much so that the ministry of agriculture has rigorous outlines as to how the true Neapolitan pizza should be made. No matter where you go, the smell of fresh baked pizza, the sound of the crackling wood and the loud voices of the pizza makers as they receive their fresh order of pomodoros is an inviting call for lunch.

Enjoy the maximum comfort and high performance abilities of the Mercedes-Benz GL as you make your way to Naples’ old city center. Walk through narrow cobblestoned streets lined with century-old buildings as you slurp on a delicious and creamy gelato. Nocciola, stracciatella or the sweet zabaglione will give you a glimpse of just how passionate Napolitans are about ice cream.

Consider hiring the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster and go on a multisensory escapade at La Pignasecca, Naples’ oldest street market. Find anything and everything from cheeses, wine and seafood to perfumes and designer handbags.

For a journey enjoyed by all your senses, hire a Mercedes Benz in Naples and leave your calorie-counter at home.

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